Corporate Social Responsibility

Yearly, the D’Aboville Foundation joins VUE in organizing the Malasimbo Festival and operates its Corporate Social Responsibility aspect, namely the Indigenous People (IP) and Environment pillars of the festival. Its annual proceeds go to the funding of the foundation’s flagship programs involving the Mangyan Indigenous People and the environmental preservation of Mindoro.

Get to know the D'Aboville Foundation

The D’Aboville Foundation and Demo Farm, Inc. is a French-Filipino non-profit, non-government organization established in 2004 to work with the indigenous Mangyans, environment, and eco-cultural tourism in the Island of Mindoro in the Philippines.

Specifically, it was established based on 4 basic platforms:
(1) alleviation of poverty and the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Mangyan indigenous people;
(2) protection of the environment and biodiversity;
(3) development of sustainable agriculture and organic farming practices;
(4) uplifting of the community through responsible tourism and eco-friendly development.

Programs for Indigenous People

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Mission: to educate the younger generation of Mangyans, who are fast becoming ignorant of their most valuable cultural heritage, with their ancient pre-Hispanic indigenous syllabic system of writing.

Beneficiaries: Around 600-700 Hanunuo Mangyan elementary and high school students and two Mangyan women who get jobs as teachers currently benefit from this program.



Scholarships are also given to deserving Mangyan students. The D’Aboville Foundation believes in the power of education as a long-term solution to poverty. Through the years, the foundation has provided full scholarships to three (3) elementary and two (2) college students.



SA more often involvement with the Mangyans is through local and international events, such as the Malasimbo Festival and the 11th World Congress of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, that are initiated by the foundation where they get invited to sell their prod-ucts and showcase their native arts and dances. Through the festival, people are introduced to the Mangyans, their culture, and their way of living. The appreciation of the Mangyan people that begins here opens many doors of opportunities for them.

Programs for the Environment



Mission: To address the long term survival of the emblematic Tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis), a species of dwarf Buffalo, totally endemic to the island of Mindoro.

The Mangyan-Tamaraw Driven Landscape Program aims at developing consistent solutions to save the critically endangered Tamaraw in the wild while respecting the local Mangyan indigenous communities and improving their livelihood. The program follows a holistic ap-proach that integrates issues and concerns that Mindoro nature and people are facing.

Our approach is based on three types of action:
– Gather information and conduct scientific investigation and surveys
– Formulate recommendations and strategies of actions and help local stakeholders to
implement them
– Develop community based cooperation toward sustainable use of natural resources



Together with the local government units, other NGOs and citizens of Puerto Galera, the D’Aboville Foundations has already conducted tree and mangrove planting activities and aims to plant more every year.


For donations, please deposit to our bank account using the following details:
Account Name: D’Aboville Foundation and Demo Farm, Inc.
Account Number: 131300000336
Bank: China Banking Corporation
Bank Address: Salcedo Village LP Leviste St., Makati City
Swift Code: CHBKPHMM