Yung Bawal

Yung Bawal a.k.a. “SPNZ” or Neil’s Nutz” is a young upcoming DJ and trap artist who started
at the age of 18 in 2009. Also considered one of the top producers in the Philippines, he
started DJ’ing after being influenced by his older brother DJ Buddah (Jeepney Music DJ). At
the age of 19 he had his first out of town gig in Olongapo in 2010, there he performed with
veteran rapper Ill-J of Sun Valley Crew, People’s Future, RBTO, Raw (formerly known as
Fuego) and his older brother DJ Buddah. Since then he has regular gigs in Olongapo.
Late in 2010, after being exposed to the music scene for a year now, Yung Bawal decided to
attempt to make beats. He made his first appearance as a producer on Rjay Ty of LDP’s
mixtape 11.11.11. (High – Rjay ft. Abra). This track “High” was described by B-Roc of
Turbulence music as “the banger in this album” and went on to say that “SPNZ is a
revelation in this album!”