Meet the Canadian brother-sister act who can turn anything – even the beep of a car seatbelt alarm – into an electronic reverie.

Luke and Tess Pretty, a brother and sister act from Canada, are 15 and 17, or 16 and 18. Something like that. Not that it really matters. It’s not as though they’re a new Arctic Monkeys or anything – they don’t make “youth” their thing, their raison d’être or lyrical focus. They don’t sing about riot vans or mardy bums. In fact, they don’t sing about anything – their music is instrumental. And it is madly busy, chock-full of keyboard twiddles and brrrrps, glissandos, arpeggios or whatever sounds happen to be at hand. Such as, say, the caution beep of a car safety belt alarm when someone is sitting in their seat and they’ve forgotten to strap in.

Photo from Tennyson. Writeup from The Guardian.