Jorge Juan B. Wieneke V (aka similarobjects) born October 21, 1989 is a 26 year old multi-genre beat-maker/producer/laptop musician/experimental artist from the Philippine Islands. He produces electronic tracks of an ever evolving aesthetic of various genres showcasing his wide range of influences spanning from ambient, avant-garde, lo-fi, wierdpop, minimal, glitch, hip-hop, IDM, down-tempo to future beats, synth funk and chill trap resulting in a sound uniquely his own.

The moniker “similarobjects” was a reference to Carl Jung’s theory of collective unconscious. the young musician mentions that the name was born out of a meditation seeded by the idea of a Russian Nesting Doll where the idea of “similarobject within similarobject” was derived from.

Photo from similarobjects. Writeup by darkerthanwax.