Ankhten Brown

Akio Brown aka Ankhten Brown began his music career at an early age – experimenting with hand percussions, native instruments, drums, singing, among many others. Using these experiences in playing instruments, he took that background of music to start making beats, and rapping with his friends, and fellow artists – Raw MF, & RhXanders back in 2010. The three formed the group “Merkabah” performing at various events and local clubs in Metro Manila. Over the past few years, Ankhten has been traveling and working with producers and artists around the world from places like California, New York, United Kingdom, Canada, Africa, Korea, among others. He has also released multiple mixtapes, full-on albums, as well as singles online through various online media platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.
Currently, the Bawal Clan emcee has been dropping new song after new song at the hottest clubs around Metro Manila, giving off that raw energetic vibe that his growing fan base craves for at every show. More than just another lyricist, Ankhten Brown incorporates catchy hooks and clever wordplay as well as tackling unorthodox topics in his songs. Though this may not make much sense to you at the moment, once you come to an Ankhten Brown gig, it will.